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HR 360 (HR Management | Payroll)

Unlock HR excellence with HR360. Experience the
future of HR management with our centralized cloudbased solution. No extra wiring needed for machine
installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Generate
one-click ready-to-go PDF/Excel attendance and
payroll reports. Seamlessly integrate with biometric
machines for enhanced security and efficiency.
Discover the power of HR360 and redefine your HR

Our Product

Our Product

School Management System

School Management System is a comprehensive
solution that automates all school activities, from
student and employee registration to generating
student fees vouchers and employees' pay slips. With
52 customizable modules, it offers unparalleled
flexibility to tailor the system to each school's unique
requirements. Moreover, attendance marking for
students and staff can be conveniently done through
a mobile app, RFID cards, biometric machines, and
barcode scanning, ensuring accuracy and ease of use.

Access Control Management System

Effortlessly manage access to various premises with
our innovative system. Simply add RFID cards and
map them using our responsive web portal. No more
physical travel needed to enable or disable user
access. Track access logs and generate various
reports for comprehensive access management.
Experience seamless access control with advanced
tracking and reporting capabilities!

Our Product

Our Product

Exam Management System

Our cloud-based system revolutionizes exam
management, allowing users to generate papers
anytime, anywhere. Share exam links with participants
who can attempt assessments using secure login
credentials. Admins have full control over the number of
attempts. Experience instant results, eliminating long
wait times. Discover efficient exam management with
Pixcile Lab's Exam Management System!

LibXR - Library of Extended Reality

LibXR is a game-changer in the educational
technology space. Offering a platform where users
can easily transform 2D/static content into
immersive 3D experiences without requiring coding
or programming skills is remarkable. Additionally,
having both fixed prices and a subscription-based
model provides flexibility for users. It's no surprise
that it's an award-winning product.

Our Product

Our Product

QR Code Management System

Introducing our Dynamic QR Code Management System.
Say goodbye to reprinting! With our system, QR codes
become dynamic, enabling you to change embedded links
without reprinting. Generate unlimited QR codes that stay
relevant even as your content evolves. Experience the
convenience of printing once and mapping multiple times
with our innovative QR code management system